Saturday, June 8, 2013

Failure into triumph!

There are many references in the book to people who have dealt with 'failing' and seen it as an opportunity to learn.  I remember the story of Dame Kelly Holmes who struggled through injury and self doubt to achieve 2 gold medals at the Athens Olympics.  It is also interesting to follow the story of Bradley Wiggins who has just pulled out of the Tour De France.  What will he do next??
Can we compile a short list of people famous or otherwise who have turned failure into success.  These people should be role models to all of us in our community.
See the link of Kelly's triumph below.


  1. We shared these with the children during our ARC project and it had a big impact on both children and staff:

    Albert Einstein – Did not speak until the age of four, was considered very slow and anti-social by his parents and teachers and was refused admittance to the Zürich Polytechnic Institute. He never quit and won the Nobel Peace Prize and changed modern physics forever.

    Michael Jordan – Cut from his high school basketball team but he never have up. He says, " I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

    Steven Spielberg - Was rejected from the USC School of Theatre, Film and Television three times.
    His job at Universal came almost by accident as he jumped from a tour bus and ventured inside one of the buildings on the studio grounds. His enthusiasm made such an impression on one of the workers, they gave him a pass to come back and watch directors at work. Spielberg made a point of being friendly with the security guards on the lot and on the fourth day he just waved rather than displaying his pass. Every day for a summer, he returned to the set, found himself an office and just moved in.

  2. Thanks Anna.
    I really like the Michael Jordan quote about failing over as the reason for his success. Seeing barrier after barrier, as learning opportunity after learning opportunity, shows immense character and resilience.
    I read with interest the write up (in chapter 3 of the book) of Thomas Eddison - the invention of the light bulb was not all it seemed!
    Take a look...


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