Saturday, June 8, 2013

Failure into triumph!

There are many references in the book to people who have dealt with 'failing' and seen it as an opportunity to learn.  I remember the story of Dame Kelly Holmes who struggled through injury and self doubt to achieve 2 gold medals at the Athens Olympics.  It is also interesting to follow the story of Bradley Wiggins who has just pulled out of the Tour De France.  What will he do next??
Can we compile a short list of people famous or otherwise who have turned failure into success.  These people should be role models to all of us in our community.
See the link of Kelly's triumph below.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A fall is the signal to rise!

I remember somebody telling me that 'A fall is the signal to rise'.  It has stuck with me and I am reminded of it often when life deals you something that you did not see coming!

The ability to get back up and try again is well described in Chapter 2 of the Mindset book.  Many examples are given of high profile people who are display either fixed or growth mindset characteristics.

In schools, we need to be aware of young people who see failure as a weakness, a dead end street.

The question is what conditions do we need to create for failure, defeat or loss to be seen as part and parcel of learning from our mistakes.

What are your top 3 conditions??